Fine Arts Society Members

Van Gogh Level (Corporate)

$3,000 and up

Beethoven Level (Corporate)


Shakespeare Level (Corporate)

Ebeltoft . Sickler . Lawyers PLLC
Horace Mann-Rustand Agency
Hulsing & Associates Architects
Schwartz CPA PLLC

Graham Level (Corporate)


Benefactors Circle

$500 and up
Dickinson Dental Center
Keith Fernsler
Lance and Lacey Rustand
Marilyn Lee and Rhonda Herauf
Quality Quick Print
Sharon Kilzer
Winn Construction Inc.

Angel’s Circle

Dennis and Sharon Seifert
Jim and Sonja Ozbun
Ken and Linda Haught
Teresa and Ike Hecker

Director’s Circle

Daryl and Bertie Kudrna
Gary and Pamela Wilz
Hans and Sandy Lenz
Mary Cardinal Peterson and Tom Peterson
Sandi and Joseph Frenzel

Sponsor’s Circle

Henry and Susan Biesiot
Floyd and Muriel Hurt
Terry and Kelly Klusmann
Sandy Lackner
Andrew McGarva
Ponderosa Liquor
Jeffrey Riehl
Janel and Jerrell Schiff
Allan and Georgiann Schmalenberger
Jana Schweigert
Terry and Kathy Thiel
Western Cooperative Credit Union
Trudy Fraase-Wolf and Allen Wolf
Deborah Thompson
Donna Sandvik

Carnegie Hall Experience


Ray and Bonnie Allerdings
Norman and Sharron Bakkegard
Debra and Ronald Dazell
Scott and LeAnn Fitch
James and Victoria Haaland
Hulsing & Associates Architects
Richard and Donna King
Douglas and Karen Landblom
Ronald Laqua
Carl and Esther Larson
Lee and Jolynn Magstadt
Rachel and Adam McGill
Mitzi Mulloy
Ronald Nelson
George and Kayleen Nodland
Pauline Olson
Kevin and Sarah Poswilko
Timothy and DelRae Privratsky
Bradley and Janet Staudinger
Matthew and Angela Voigt
Julie and Craig  Zavalney
Karel Estes Garside
William and  Laura Gardner
Darrel and Laurie Heick
Home Helpers
Dennis and Roene Hulsing
Alissa and John Mack
Arlo Moberg
Kendra Schillo
Marcella Storseth
Connie and Dean Williams

Frank & Louise Pearson Endowment

Dennis and Sharon Seifert
Glenice Hansen Trust
Horace Mann-Rustand Agency
James and Victoria Haaland
Marty Parsons
Richard and Donna King
Ronald Laqua